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Canadian Marketing Companies

Authentically is comprised of some of the finest talent in Saskatchewan.

We work with independent professionals by building strong connections in entrepreneurial communities. Determined to be solution providers, and not just to provide deliverables, we maintain these connections and hire out when necessary. This approach reduces costs - and we are proud to pass the savings along to our clients. 


Our Founder

Heather Pinay - Business Consultant & Owner of Authentically. Photo by Adam Pinay

Heather Murphy Pinay

business consultant, owner

Heather Murphy Pinay has been working in the marketing industry since 2010, first as a designer and content strategist. Now, a savvy business owner and consultant, her background in education helps her to empower teams to make a difference while saving money. Focused on inspiring change, Heather founded Authentically in 2016 to help business owners, not-for-profit organizations, and companies with fiscally responsible budgets make an impact like a private sector company. Heather is passionate about seeing entrepreneurs succeed, and enjoy the fierceness of their individuality. 

Your Support Person


Jena Schell

Customer Relationship Manager

Jena Schell is instrumental to day-to-day operations at Authentically. She supports clients on a regular basis to ensure everything hums smoothly and everyone is taken care of. An expert in customer service, Jena has built her career to provide excellent experiences to clients and holds our internal team to a high standard to ensure clients always come first. Jena is responsible for locking Heather's schedule down - so treat her real sweet if you want to get in in a timely manner ;)


Your Strategist

Kath O'Malley: Digital & Content Strategist  Photo by: Adam Pinay


Kath O'Malley

Digital & Content Strategist

Kath is a dynamic no-nonsense writer and trusted website developer. The earliest Authentically member, her insight and expertise in website development and digital strategy has been invaluable. Her career experience in education and journalism has empowered Kath to craft websites, train clients, set goals, and prepare deliverables to drive results.