Build Your Brand by Building Conversation

Visual content is awesome, I feel so happy and connected when I see a video that is filled with information and explained in a way that I can understand.

When certain videos end, you can lift up your head and feel inspired to take on the world. 

What Questions to Ask Before you Create Audio and Visual Content

Create a lasting impact with your brand by using audio and visual content to your advantage. Ask yourself the important questions before you start filming such as:

  • What do you want people to think when they see you?
  • What do you want people to feel when they hear you speak?

By creating a strong voice via video for your business, this increases conversation and allows you to be more personal with your clients and a vast audience of potential clients.

Organic referrals are like conversations

Let's say your video is talking about a product you are now offering to your clients. You've had your team members share the video all over social media, then Sally Scroller sees your video and loves it because you are authentic and informative. Sally Scroller then tells her cousin Freddy Facebook who then tells Bill Business Owner.

None of these people are your clients however, you just created organic referrals. 

Everything you do with your brand is creating conversation. Your blogs, your website, your social media posts all create conversations.

However, videos take your brand to a whole new level of intimacy with people and that's exactly what you want. People love to connect visually.