Keep your new website visitors from wandering off your website

The other day, I poked around our analytics to see what people were viewing and where they were coming from and it reminded me that when people find Authentically online, they are not only landing on the home page. They are landing somewhere else. 

Like this blog post. Hello there!

More often than not, the route visitors take to land on your website is circuitous. And accidental.

Maybe your readers are scrolling their Twitter feed and someone they follow has tweeted a blog post you've written.

They click on the article because it’s something that will help them with their business and land on your website, via your blog post.

Here’s what happens next and it’s not pretty.

Your visitors read your blog post, discover useful, actionable tips because that’s what your blog posts are for - to be helpful and relevant - and then, uh oh, your new reader disappears. They may never click through to your homepage to find out more about you. And they may never come back.

What a waste.

Always remember your website goal and add a call to action to achieve that goal.

For every piece of content you put on your website, whether it’s a blog post or a static page, a sales page or an about page, keep your overall website goal in mind as well as the specific goal of your page or post.

If your goal is to build your email list, then try adding a content upgrade to your blog post to encourage your readers to sign up for your newsletter.

Wait! What’s a content upgrade?

It’s usually a useful PDF checklist or worksheet that your website visitors can download in exchange for their emails.

Your blog post content needs to lead your website visitor naturally to take the kind of action you want them to take whether you’re collecting leads, selling an eBook, encouraging people to visit your store down the street, building online authority, hosting a workshop, or offering coaching sessions.

For your next goal-worthy blog post - here’s your challenge:

See if you can achieve the main goal of your website (or the specific goal of your blog post) by adding a call to action.  

Now, when you put it out there, pay attention to whether your call to action is converting and if you’re reaching your website and blog post goals.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised.




Heather Murphy

Heather Murphy is a business consultant with expertise in digital marketing. Heather owns Authentically: Business & Life Solutions, making an impact with inbound marketing, graphic design, and social media marketing. As an educator, Heather frequently shares at conferences and seminars to empower people for building the successful businesses they invision. Heather is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council.