Go On & Be Seen! The Power Of an Image.

Some people have said pictures are worth a thousand words.

Are those people right? You bet they are! Especially when it comes to a business. By the end of this blog post you're to walk away with the right tips on how to draw people in just based on your stunning images.


First of all, don't be annoying.

If you need to upload a PDF - upload it. A screenshot doesn't cut it.

That may sound harsh but let's be real. We live in a society where everything is fast-paced. As a business owner should always keep that in mind. Keep it simple. Make it refreshing. Walk out your uniqueness in a few memorable images that your clients will see while scrolling through your blog or website.

Allow me to give you an example: Just last week a restaurant lost a sale with me solely because their site was annoying and hard to navigate through. Their menu was presented as a tiny image that looked like it was taken with a phone camera. That lack of professionalism turned me off in an instant. I couldn't read it - and really, how hard is it to upload a pdf. I mean, come on.


Second, streamline and distill your content.

You can prevent losing sales by considering your users.

Streamline your content for user experience. Take all your information and ideas and categorize them. Make it as clear and concise as possible so that anyone can understand: 

1. what you're trying to say

2. what you want them to do

You have a point - get to it. It is a lot harder to say something in two sentences than it is in two pages. That's what I mean by distilling content. Peeps be busy. Don't make them wade through endless jargon. Get into your users shoes. 



Gosh darnnit - make it mobile-friendly!

I'm not wasting my time on clunky sites, neither is anyone else my age. 

The truth hurts. I know. But it is worth the investment. Take me for example, I've had a computer in my pocket for almost a decade. I'm always on the go. If I need to know something I plug it into my browser and boom - out come answers. My point is make sure your website is mobile friendly! If I can't read your site on my phone I'm automatically going to discredit the site (thank goodness Google does to - because users don't want to see ten year old sites). 


Show me something worth looking at - lets talk images.

Get high-quality images - if you're not an iphonographer, put your phone away!

If seeing is believing then you should be leaving your readers with fantastic images of why they should be investing time and money with YOU. Let's face it we are prone to things that are different, pretty and fun. So use things like that in images to make people remember you and your business! Here's a tip from Heather's new book, Blogging Authentically:  size your images for social media properly.

  • Facebook-1,200 x 628
  • Twitter- 1,024 x 512
  • LinkedIn-800 x 800
  • Google+- 800 x 1,200
  • Pinterest- 735 x 1,102
  • Instagram- 1,080 x 1,080


Go on and be seen.

Your images represent you and you deserve to be represented well. I want the best for you and your business. Get that wonderful mind of yours turned on and start brainstorming ideas and finding the high-quality solutions you and your users deserve. 


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