[Video] 6 reasons why blogging is a powerful marketing tool to help you grow your business.

"There is a sort of magic that happens when you blog - you can connect with your audiences in an authentic way"

Heather Pinay Authentically

Blogging Can Be Time Consuming - But it Is Worth It. 

I counsel many of my clients to think about blogging for their businesses. It is a powerful tool to connect with audiences, to build your brand and brand authority, and to show a real side of yourself. There is a sort of magic that happens when you blog - you can connect with audiences in an authentic way. 


This is not my first time dancing around this fire.

Yup. I'm a hippie - a "feel good" experiential marketer. Over the past five years, I have had vast experience in different types of blogging from building an artist portfolio, blogging to share my journey as a mother, celiac recipes, transitioning to working with nationally growing brands to build online presence, authority, and search engine optimization (SEO). In this time, I've learned some important things.

What I've learned:

  1. Blogging allows people to experience who you are.

  2. Blogging helps tell people the story about what you do. 

  3. Blogging increases brand recognition & authority. 

  4. Blogging allows you to provide helpful resources.

  5. Blogging can help you organize your website. 

  6. Blogging creates honest relationships. 

1. Blogging allows people to experience who you are. 



Hillberg & Berk is a world-class luxury jewellery brand founded in Regina, SK. When I was given the opportunity to be the content strategist for their brand, the marketing team at Hillberg & Berk and I infused their then meager blog with the "empowering women" spirit behind the brand. It became so much more than just SEO (search engine optimization) and became the third largest generator of views to the website.  

2. Blogging helps tell the story of what you do. 


If you've ever met Susan & Gene Minard, you know what amazing people they are and how dynamic their companies are. Minard's Steadfast Homes provides gorgeous, solid, ready to move homes and manufactured homes (... trailers to those of us who don't know what that is). By shaping their blog with their marketing team, we were able to break some stigma about "trailer homes" and convey the difference Minard's makes. 


3. Blogging increases brand recognition & authority.


In my time working at Look Agency Inc. I learned so much about brand authority and how to build it online. What better way to be front of mind than by providing helpful resources? Through steady implementation of a blog, and through social media advertising, we saw our website visitors increase by 600% and over 200% increase in conversions (people submitting forms).


5. Blogging allows you to provide helpful resources.


A blog is not to blather on about your feelings - it should be full of helpful information to share with your community. This is an example of how you can provide helpful content, for free, as part of your marketing plan on your blog. 


6. Blogging can help you organize your website. 


My client, Ann Marie Humble, of Integrated Lifestyle Solutions, is an amazing woman who offers everything from coaching, nutrition advice, to quantum biofeedback. Though implementing a blog we were able to restructure her website content, and allow her to engage with her clients on a real, authentic level.


7. Blogging creates honest relationships. 


We all make mistakes - and this is an honest demonstration of this. I have a hard time being consistent with my blogging while running a business and keep it real with my followers when I am running behind. They appreciate this, and get a sense of "knowing" me.

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