Rebel With A Cause: Are You Ready To Work The System?

No one wakes up one day and says “hey, I’m going to start a business to maintain the status quo” now do they?


The life of an entrepreneur is one of great risk and great reward. So, if you’re in this to win it, are there things you are doing that are blocking you from success? Of course, there is. There are things like this for all of us.


That’s why we are here, to show you a fresh perspective and to shake things up.


I’ve been doing a lot of research into brand archetypes lately (that’s right, a freebie will be coming along as soon as I have it all together.) I love to learn. I’m thirsty for knowledge and ideas if you will. I was energized to discover that Authentically has transitioned from confused in the beginning, into sitting confidently in the “Rebel” category. We’ve gotten a lot ballsier in the services we offer and the things we say. We’ve sunk into who we are and who we are is a block and tackle. We are here to change your direction and give you a JOLT into the success you can have. We shake up the way we think to help you shake up the way you think.

It’s interesting really because I’ve been perceived as a “brat” or “bossy” or “rebellious” for a long time.

When I was a baby, I was known for throwing tantrums and biting the toes of – well anyone. When I want something, I’m unable to give up. It takes me more energy to give up than to tackle the impossible. In fact, as an adult I’ve had to learn that the only way to shift gears is to learn how to tell myself, no, to talk myself down.

I’m a preacher’s daughter, and anyone who has grown up in a glass house of expectations knows it doesn’t take much to feel like a black sheep or a misfit. I know for a FACT that you cannot please everyone. That is one of the reasons I encourage my clients to cut the sh*t and let go of the idea that everyone is your ideal client. We are a lot more effective when we are able to segment. We can speak to our tribe! Internally, I’ve had to come to a place of resonance, asking myself if it is about appearance or if my actions and beliefs are really resonating to my core.

What resonates to your core?

This morning I spent some time wolfing down, Originals: How Non-Conformists Change the World by Adam Grant

I’ve read this book twice already. You know what they say – third time’s the charm. A couple weeks ago I was reading Outliers by Malcom Gladwell and the idea is similar, although to be honest, I prefer Adam Grant’s approach. I love it when books are full of stories and studies.


Originals starts by explaining a study by economist Michael Housman and the discovery that turnaround in the customer service industry is linked less to job hopping and sick days – it is due more to the nature of employees being able to innovate and challenge the stats quo. How did he discover this? By looking at the internet explorers people were using.

You see, those who were less successful in the job were using either internet explorer or safari. They were taking more time off, they were more stressed out and their clients were less happy. They were losing sales and taking longer on phone calls and ultimately, leaving their careers more often.

Employees who were using Firefox or Google Chrome proved to be more innovative, take more initiative, and close more sales. They weren’t more technically proficient to their counterparts yet they did have an advantage. Their calls were shorter and their customer satisfactions levels were off the hook. They even took less time off!

It is not because of browser choice – it is what the browser choice says about the individual and their ability to innovate and take initiative. You see, Safari and Explorer are default browsers and Chrome and Firefox are browsers chosen by the individual using them.  

What does this signify about these people?

They step out of the norm

They find solutions that work better for them

They experiment and try new things

If you want to be a rebel, shake things up and try new things. Question the status quo and fly in the face of tradition. There are better ways to do business and better ways to be. Find yours.

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Heather Murphy

Heather Murphy is a business consultant with expertise in digital marketing. Heather owns Authentically: Business & Life Solutions, making an impact with inbound marketing, graphic design, and social media marketing. As an educator, Heather frequently shares at conferences and seminars to empower people for building the successful businesses they invision. Heather is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council.