There is always further up or down to go - will you choose to be a warrior?

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Earlier this week, I had the great honour of listening to one of Canada’s most profound minds - Dr. Jordan B. Peterson. I have never heard such an intelligent person who can call on his sources and the turn of a dime, and do it all with the warmth of compassion for humanity. Whether or not you agree with his stances, the reality is he’s hard to dispute because he deals with facts and deep understanding of both history and the human psyche. I believe that beneath all of that is a genuinely kind, compassionate person. This makes him both trustworthy and compelling.

I’ve heard people say “It can’t get worse than this” or “I’ve finally hit rock bottom” and his truth is that - there is always further down to go

One of the interesting pieces he said is “there is always a way down” in reference to how humans can always make a situation worse. I’ve heard people say “It can’t get worse than this” or “I’ve finally hit rock bottom” and his truth is that - there is always further down to go. That is not to become hopeless, it is an impetus to pivot your direction. If there is always further down to go, there is always further up to scale.

Continue to persevere as if there is no rain.
— JI

Another good friend of mine and I had a discussion last night that goes beyond dancing in the rain, it is ignoring the rain and taking a warrior stance. Continue to persevere as if there is no rain. I believe in preparation and awareness of what you’re facing, but in spite of what you are facing you can have a reckless abandonment to the things you believe, to the fight you know is in front of you and to the goals you’ve laid out for your life and or business.

I sit here writing to you from a place of honesty and vulnerability. I have a tension headache from clenching my jaw as I brace myself through the changes I’m experiencing in my own life as I pursue joy, integrity, and success. A present dissolving of the life I thought I wanted in exchange for the life I know I need is a rebirth of self, freedom, goals, and ambition. I’m filled with the joy of hope for a better future, and also feel the shock waves of grief surging through my body as I say goodbye to the past. My body reflects back to me the state of my soul, and in spite of the stress it tells me about, I know my reality is greater. I know the calling on my life is greater. I know the hoards of strong women around me is greater. It is not to ignore the physical symptoms of stress - please listen to your own body - it is to take yourself in your own arms, care for yourself, but not allow your psyche to be swallowed up by circumstance. Lift your gaze, and know there is so much on the horizon for you.

Each of us faces unique challenges, pain, and utter tragedy. To live as if we have not experienced these things is shallow and superficial. The reality is, you have the power to take control of your circumstances and rise. You are the authour of your story and you are not alone.

If there is further down to go, there is also further up.

  • What will you do to rise?
  • Who will you lean into?
  • How will you care for yourself in the midst of adversity?

I believe in you. I believe in me. I believe in us - let’s rise together.

Dear one, lift your gaze. The day has just begun and you are a warrior.

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Heather Murphy

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