A note from our founder - Heather Pinay

More Portfolio Content Is Coming Soon

Authentically is a thriving business founded in February 2016. In that short time, we have created relationships with five trusted partners on a consistent basis to bring you the deliverables you need. We have created a variety of websites, brands, and campaigns in that time and I had the honour of being approached by the Forbes Coaches Council to join, and write content for Forbes.com. We are proud to say we are the first company in Saskatchewan to be represented on any of the Forbes councils.

As our team and influence grows, we are taking the time to step back.

We are taking time to:

  1. Listen to what you're looking for - we pay attention to the pulse of our clients, and we are really honing in on how we can meet the needs you've expressed.

  2. Show you what we've done - we've been running so fast we haven't told our success stories or demonstrated how well our work has been turning out. 

  3. Develop packages and processes to improve your experience - from an improved on-boarding process, communication, to turnaround time, and continued growth opportunities.

  4. Create classes and workshops to empower you in your business to: save time, work more efficiently, work more effectively, to keep more of your hard-earned cash in your pocket.

That's right - we are actually focusing on saving you money. 

Stay tuned as our portfolio grows.



In the meantime, you can purchase tickets to our workshop this January and learn how to get a return on your website investment. 



Make Your Website Work For You

January 13, 2017


Heather Murphy

Heather Murphy is a business consultant with expertise in digital marketing. Heather owns Authentically: Business & Life Solutions, making an impact with inbound marketing, graphic design, and social media marketing. As an educator, Heather frequently shares at conferences and seminars to empower people for building the successful businesses they invision. Heather is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council.